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Winter Tales of the Unexpected

January 24 2021


I read in an online flash fiction reading event hosted by Alex Dawson. The theme was "Christmas horror stories" so I wrote a multimedia flash fiction piece about Krampus.

Chapter 2 of The Hobbit

​January 2021

I participated in a collaborative video edited reading of Chapter 2 of The Hobbit hosted by Alex Dawson.

Chapter 1 of The Hobbit

​April 2020

I participated in a collaborative video edited reading of Chapter 1 of The Hobbit hosted by Alex Dawson.

Giant-felling & Storytelling at Pino's!

​March 1 2020

I read at a local bar and lounge a flash fiction piece inspired by my travels in Ireland. "Two aliens walk into a bar" meets "Irish pub" in this story based off a real experience of getting stuck in a hurricane.

Storytelling & Giant Felling on the Causeway Coast

​January 2020

​I traveled with a group of writers with the intent to workshop our pieces, kickstart our novel-writing, and tour Ireland for fresh inspiration for our fantasy writing. Our trip ended with a group reading where I read five-minutes of the first chapter of my upcoming novel at Sin-E. The trip was hosted by Alex Dawson and famous writers like Dave Rudden, Deidre Sullivan, and Darren Shan joined us.

I am available! CONTACT me if you would like me to participate in your event.
Seeking Students' Input with The Chronicle for Higher Education
May 4, 2021
Three panelists and I discussed the coming transition to hybrid and in-person learning for universities in Fall 2021. We answered questions given to us by Ian Wilhelm about how university administrators can better communicate with students to prepare for their return. 
SAS Scholarship Panel

​April 14, 2021


​Myself and four other Rutgers SAS students will hold a panel with Dean March and other SAS Deans about our college experiences to thank scholarship donors for their donations.


Your Perfect Master's Program: MCM, MBS, or Other? 

​April 30, 2021


This is a webinar I produced alongside three other classmates as a part of the final project for my Digital Media Production assignment. We discussed techniques for selecting a Master's program, including deciding on program requirements, utilizing career resources, and paying for the degree. 

College Preparedness: Part 2

​March 27, 2021


Myself and about five other panelists took questions from a group of high schoolers across New Jersey to give them our individual perspectives about our college experiences and advice as they apply to universities.

What Students Wish Their Professors Knew with The Chronicle for Higher Education

​Sep 22, 2020


Three panelists and I took questions from an audience of university faculty members and educators on how to prepare for the coming Fall 2020 semester. Most of the discussion centered around the transition to online education in Spring 2020, and new practices and methods that could improve digital access and educational quality in the coming semester of online classes. Click here to read the article written by Beth McMurtrie from the Chronicle of Higher Education that preceded the webinar.   

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