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Hi there!

Nice to meet you.

I'm a writer, an educator, and a content creator. Click on my Résumé, my Projects, or my Events to see what I've done so far!



My main goals are to combine my teaching experience and my love for creative writing to explore new methods of making multimedia narratives and advance equitable digital education, especially to support new and diverse female voices in producing their own stories.


My Goals list will change overtime as I finish objectives, cross them off my list, and replace them with new ones. Come back every few months to see what progress I make!


My current objectives to further my goals are:

  • finalize my research in instructional design to improve pedagogical methods when transitioning in-person courses to online classes

  • continue publishing digital narratives through platforms like Soundcloud & YouTube

  • find a position at a publishing company and continue supporting diverse writers

  • continue publishing my short written narratives

  • publish my novel (currently a work-in-progress)

  • continue obtaining positions relevant to gaining experience to address the above

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